[WoW] Life of the Party

★ Back to Kezan Quests ★
  • Objective(s):
    • Put on your Awesome Party Ensemble (Cool Shades, Hip New Outfit, and Shiny Bling) and then head over to the party at the KTC Headquarters pool to entertain 10 Kezan Partygoers.
  • Rewards:
    • 250 XP
    • 50c
  • Reputation:
    • Bilgewater Cartel
  • Commentary:
    • After accepting the quest and donning the outfit (should be automatic), go to the area where the party is by the pool. When you click on an NPC, they’ll have a buff, and whichever buff that is is going to be the ability you choose for them on your action bar. You can also tell what ability to use just by looking at the NPC. If they’re holding food, feed them. Holding wine, give them a bubbly. If they’re dancing, disco ball.

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