[WoW] 447

★ Back to Kezan Quests ★
  • Objective(s):
    • Overload the Defective Generator, Activate the Leaky Stove, Drop a Cigar on the Flammable Bed, and use the Gasbot to set KTC Headquarters ablaze!
  • Rewards:
    • 450 XP
    • 1s
    • Flame-Retardant Pajama Sleeves
  • Reputation:
    • Bilgewater Cartel
  • Commentary:
    • Go into the building (57,77) and click the Generator when you first walk in. At the foot of the stairs is the Stove. Go upstairs and click on the bed. After all that’s done, jump out the window and to the ground and hit the Control Panel.

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