[Guild of Fortune] US – Area52 – Horde

Interested in a guild that caters to goldmaking?

Originally, Guild of Fortune was created to be my personal bank. However, since I’d like to get more people together for some good old-fashioned goldmaking tips, questions, and giveaways, I’ve decided to open it up to the public. Below are some questions and answers, as well as information regarding the guild. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

An explanation on our guild bank:

  1. Equipment tab: You can dump stuff here for D/E purposes
  2. Crafting tab: Anything crafted by professions (gear, bolts, bars, inks, etc.)
  3. Materials tab: Basically any kind of mat you can farm
  4. Paper Products tab: Glyphs, patterns, enchants, etc.
  5. Food tab: Edible food that gives buffs
  6. Other tab: Anything that doesn’t fit in the above, such as lockboxes
  7. Goldfarming tab: My own tab where I put items I’m farming in


  1. Are there any rules to joining?
    No rules, just fun!
  2. Is this a gold-making only guild?
    No. This is a casual guild for players interested in every aspect of WoW, but mainly for veteran and beginner goldmakers to learn more from one another.
  3. Are the items and gold in the guild only for you?
    No. While not everyone is able to take out everything from the guild bank, people are allowed to extract a certain amount of items in the different tabs each day. As far as gold, it’s used for repairs as well as giveaways.
  4. What’s this gold giveaway ordeal?
    I like farming. I like making guides. I like giving to the community. When the last bank tab is full of whatever it is I’m farming, I sell everything in there and all the gold goes into the guild bank. Someone random will be getting half that gold.
  5. So the entire last bank tab will be full of one item only?
    No. Say I’m farming Azshara’s Veil. By farming that, I’m able to also pick up Stormvine and Volatile Life. So there will be one full row of each item that CAN be farmed by farming my one specific item. Get it?
  6. Will I be able to see what’s inside the last bank tab?
    Unless you’re the lowest guild rank (Hobo), yes.
  7. Don’t you think people are going to join just to get the gold?
    It’s a possibility, yes. But inactive people are kind of a red flag, and I make sure to keep tabs on them. It’d be like a Twitch streamer hosting a giveaway in WoW. There will be people who follow them just for the free items.
  8. Aside from the gold raffle, what are the other perks?
    Basically, you get intel on what it is I’m actually farming and creating an in-depth goldmaking video on, regarding that specific item. However, only my PATREON subscribers will be able to access most of those videos.
  9. Is there a chat program the guild uses?
    Find us on Discord–although it’s for everyone who plays WoW, not just the guildies!

Interested in joining?

Add my Battle Tag – KRHolbrook#1132


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