[WoW] In-Depth Gold-farming Guides

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★ Please note: Damn near all of these guides are available to my Patreon supporters only.

I’d like a way for everyone to know what I’m up to as far as the in-depth guides of mine, so this page will be constantly updated regarding that. Below you’ll find information on what guides I’ve already done and what I’m actually working on at the moment. The gold-farming guides are more complex than the ones I post for everyone on YouTube, but sometimes I’ll throw free ones out.

★ Anything in Green is complete.
★ Anything in Red is in the works.

If you happen to be looking for a specific something in this area, simply search for it. (ctrl + F)



★ For basic farming guides, check out my YouTube.
★ For more in-depth guides and artwork, see my Patreon.
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★ Interested in artwork? I’ve got an Etsy shop!
★ I livestream both my artwork and gameplay.

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