TheWoWExp’s World of Warcraft Herbalism Guide

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  • Best locations for each herb.
  • Amount of herbs farmed in an area within ten (10) minutes.
  • Pros and cons for farming in each zone.
  • Specific routes I take for gathering herbs.
  • Constantly up-to-date with WoW patches.
  • Which herbs do best for which alternate profession.
  • Information on how I normally sell my herbs.
  • YouTube videos provided.


But it will help you out if you’re having problems finding which zone give you the most amount of specific herbs.

Now, I used to go to WoWHead in order to find out where the herbs I were looking for were. I’d type them into the search bar, click the link, check out the different zones they can be found in, then scan the comments area to see which places people were finding the most in.

I didn’t like that.

So I made a guide with all the herbs packed into one spreadsheet, but in a nice and neat manner.


So why get the guide?

You don’t have to, honestly.

If you go to my WoWHead profile comments, you’ll find information I’ve written on different materials you can farm. I offer the (a) amount of materials farmed in ten (10) minutes, and (b) YouTube videos.

So what does this guide offer?

Basically, everything.


  • Continents


Within each of the continents tabs, you’ll find only the zones that offer you a decent amount of herbs. The zones are in alphabetical order and provide the names of the herbs you’ll find in the zone, as well as a pros and cons list. There is also the route’s YouTube link, the amount of herbs gathered in ten(10) minutes, and then the pros and cons.

While there may be other items you farm during picking herbs, they won’t be mentioned, except maybe in the Pros section, such as with the example above.

  • Routes

Following the information in this tab will net you the information I use in order to create my routes for farming. This is all for the addon Routes.

  • Herb locations

This tab simply allows you to locate the specific herb you might want to gather, and know the amount of herbs that were gathered within the set amount of time in each zone (as well as the route number).

  • Herb auction house

This is all me, with my way of selling herbs on the auction house. It’ll go into detail on the operations I use via the addon TradeSkillMaster, or it will also simply state how I’d go about selling if I didn’t actually have that kind of addon. (I highly recommend it, though.)

  • Milling information
  • Alchemy information

Since Herbalism ties in with these two professions, there are tabs with information regarding both of them. This means I go into more detail on what I’ve been able to sell via the different milling and alchemical side of things, as well as the materials needed for said profession creation.

Have I Peaked Your Interest?

There are two sites you can go to in order to gain access to my Herbalism guide.

My Patreon offers perks to monthly subscribers involving my artwork, instead of being focused just on this guide. Such as, once a month an update will go out, and you’ll choose to place a payment for that update or not. If you place the payment, you’ll get whatever tier you’re paying for is offering.

Etsy, on the other hand, simply gives you access to the guide along with one free 4×6 print of your choice, found in my Etsy store.

Now stop reading this and earn some gold!

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