[Prismacolor Pencils] Koi & Water

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I was browsing through Instagram, like I do every day, because the artwork I find on there is just amazing–and yes, I digressed.


Looking at all the different tattoo designs people have been coming up with, I noticed there was one thing I hardly ever draw, and that’s fish. But not just any fish. Most of the tattoo designs I see are of koi. Most of the time a more Japanese style to them too. Well, I’ve been wanting to draw something kind of liquified for a while, and figured this might be something fun to come up with, though I was a bit leery when it came to making the scales.

After it was all said and done though, I had an extremely fun time working on this piece. Love drawing in water, and especially love highlighting and making the image kind of pop in certain places.

Hope you all enjoy!

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