LoM Theorycrafting — Part One — (100% event speedrun focus)

Welcome to part one of a Legend of Mana theory-crafting babble-fest.

Well, I won’t lie. I don’t know how this is going to go, since there are so many events and so many ways to route through everything in order to finish the game as a whole 100% events completion. I’ve got my own route I take, and SilentSigil has his own route to take, and SirVG has his own route he took, so…

This might become a clusterfuck of information.

But hopefully it will make sense.

  • Purple are artifacts
  • Green are NPCs
  • Bold are place names (normally)
  • Blue is event name
  • Orange is items
  • Red are questions I need answers to, or just me talking

I’m not sure if people want me to mention my map placement as well as artifact placement. I’m not sure if it will be viable information for what I’m putting here, so we’ll leave it out for now, unless people become curious.

I tried out all the weapons during the starting area to see how they’d do if they were to be used during a speedrun. While it is up to you, I did put some key points on why some of them are better than others.

  • The knife…sucks. It was really hard for me to keep a set attack rate in order for anything to be stunlocked into submission, and while the special attack can attack a group, the damage is minimal.
  • The sword is actually decent, but the special attack on it starting out doesn’t hit more than one mob (that I noticed), despite it being a straight beam.
  • The axe is a good one to go with, just know that the special ability attacks a cluster of monsters in an area a bit ahead of you.
  • The 2H sword while great in damage, has a shoddy special ability that didn’t seem to be able to hit more than one enemy.
  • The 2H axe does a nice amount of damage, plus it has an aoe special ability. I believe if an enemy is in a certain area, it can dodge the flying axes, though.
  • The hammer is something SilentSigil swears by…and while the explosive aoe damage of the special ability is awesome, I dunno how I feel. It’s good, though. Definitely one of the better slow weapons to start with.
  • The spear is just…no.
  • The staff is another negative.
  • The gloves are one of my favorites to start with, due to being able to stunlock and move around the field faster, as well as a special ability that can hit more than one target in front of you.
  • The flail is kinda fun, once you get used to it, but the special ability isn’t in your favor.
  • The bow is a negatory to the extreme.

After starting out at home, there’s only one place you’re able to go next, which is Domina, the Color Blocks (CB) artifact obtained by speaking to the sproutling outside your house.

Within Domina, you’re able to get two events at first.

  • Niccolo’s Business Unusual: Part One
    • This (always) gives you Wheel (WH)
    • Completion: Flame (FL) and Medallion (ME)
    • Unlocks: The Little Sorcerers, Wisdom of Gaeus, Monster Corral, Flame of Hope (from FL), Huntin’ Du’Cate (from ME)
      • Must also finish Flame of Hope to unlock Niccolo’s Business Unusual: Part Two
  • The Lost Princess
    • This (always) gives you Jade Egg (JE)
    • Completion: Firefly Lamp (FF) and Stone Eye (SE)
    • Unlocks: The Little Sorcerers, Monster Corral, Faeries’ Light (from FF), Gorgon Eye (from SE)

      • Must also finish The Quiet Sea to unlock Treasure Map
    • Failure: Enter Tower of Leires before completion

Niccolo 1 problems:

  1. If you begin by using this event, you’ll notice that onionhead is in the house you need to go in. He may randomly walk in your way. Doing this quest later (after which event?), he won’t be here to be in your way.
  2. He will have extra dialogue to go through if you don’t have 300 lucre by the end of the event. Grabbing the chest inside your house helps out with this, but not always.

Princess problems:

  1. Aside from she’s the worst character ever that does nothing but cower?
  2. If you mess up the dialogue for Elazul, you can get him by going up into the map. He’ll join your party and by going back into the bar and talking to Rachel, you’ll get the JE.
  3. If you fail to get the JE, you can get it at the end of The Lucky Clover.

  • The Little Sorcerers
    • Completing allows them to be your apprentices
      • Will declining them fail future events?
    • Unlocks: The Seven Wisdoms, Diddle’s Letter (??)
      • Must also finish The Infernal Doll and begin The Seven Wisdoms to unlock Daddy’s Broom
  • The Wisdom of Gaeus
    • Completion: Forbidden Ring
      • Good for selling for extra lucre
    • Unlocks: The Mana Orchards
      • Must also finish Huntin’ Du’Cate to unlock Murmuring Forest
    • Failure: Getting rid of Daena from your party
  • Monster Corral
    • Completion teleports you to Home (MB)
      • This is helpful in creating a faster route.
    • Must also finish The Field Trip to unlock The Ghost of Nemesis (??)
  • Flame of Hope
    • Completion: Ancient Tablet (AT)
    • Unlocks: Teatime of Danger (from AT)
      • Must also finish Niccolo’s Business Unusual: Part One to unlock Niccolo’s Business Unusual: Part Two
      • Must also finish Summer Lovin’ to unlock Drowned Dreams
  • Huntin’ Du’Cate
    • Completion: 500 Lucre, Sand Rose (SR)
    • Unlocks: Murmuring Forest, Catchin’ Lilipeas, Reach for the Stars (from SR)
    • Failure: Entering The White Forest before completing this event
  • Faeries’ Light
    • Completion: Trembling Spoon (TS) and Sand Rose (SR)
    • Unlocks: The Fallen Emperor (from TS), Reach for the Stars (from SR)
      • (needed for Niccolo:3 / Diddle Had it?)
      • Must also finish Drowned Dreams to unlock A Siren’s Song
      • Must also finish A Siren’s Song to unlock Gilbert: Love is Blind
  • Gorgon Eye
    • Completion: ??
    • Unlocks:
      • Must also finish Two Torches to unlock In Search of Faeries
      • Must also finish Drowned Dreams to unlock The Quiet Sea

Sorcerers problems:

  1. To TRIGGER this event, you must enter/exit your house.
    1. I’d suggest going upstairs and talking to cactus in order to trigger a future event (Li’l Cactus)

Corral problems:

  1. Do NOT drop citrusquid — you’ll need it later
  2. Sometimes the egg doesn’t go near the food you drop, so if you have bad RNG wait for “…” bubble to appear over its head, then capture it.

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