Legend of Mana 100% speedrun documentation & notes

!! The spreadsheet is far from complete !!

Legend of Mana is the only game that I speedrun at the moment, and since I don’t really like to do any% speedruns (doing those makes me feel like I’m not at my full gaming potential), I’ve been working on compiling notes for 100% with some friends.

  • Currently, my PB is 8:03 –found on my Twitch channel. I play on emulator.
    • I forgot to put the timer up on the recording LOL, but I show it at the end!
  • The WR holder is SirVG with a time of 9:59

For this LoM spreadsheet, a huge shout-out goes to SilentSigil for doing most of everything that’s written in the tabs of the document. The one I’m working on, of course, is labeled TheWoWExp’s 100% run. In that part of the document, I’m taking notes on the directions I take in certain areas, the amount of enemies I encounter and if there’s anything special with them, as well as boss fights.

That’s just a tiny part in a huge spreadsheet.

SilentSigil has worked on numerous parts of the documentation, from the rules to problematic triggers, to routes and tests.

  • Rules:
    • We use these for the speedrun, which touches base on a lot of things we could incorporate in later %runs, though some of them seem pointless.
  • PBs:
    • This simply shows our personal bests through trial and error.
    • (Goddamnit, Silent’s beat me XD)
  • Troublesome Triggers:
    • This tab gives you some information on the triggers that we’ve had trouble with. (F^$#ing Diddle the troll…) A lot of them we’ve found the correct way to trigger, while other ones we still question.
  • Useful Directions:
    • Because apparently Silent can’t remember shit and gets lost a lot…
  • Routes:
    • There are a few different route tabs, including Silent’s, mine, and…the Faerie questline, I guess.
  • Teleport Missions:
    • Some events, after they end, will teleport you to another place once done. This can be sometimes helpful in doing events in a specific order.
  • Skips:
    • I should read up on these…
  • Worldmap:
    • In case the spreadsheet didn’t already have enough mind-boggling information for you, here’s information on the map and the artifacts, and their mana levels.
  • Tips and Tricks:
    • Self-explanatory, no?
  • Maps:
    • Jesus Christ, Silent, really? Yeah he plans on making maps of the different areas. Does he really get that lost that often?
  • Research:
    • Mostly goes into what artifacts are given to you from event completions. It’s complicated.



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