Disc 1 – Part 1 – Prima Vista Theater Ship

Potion, 47 Gil



Enter a dark room with no light. Well, there’s light, but it comes from a dinky match your character has in hand. A match that doesn’t diminish and burn your character’s hand, making him strike another match. Seriously, I think that would be more humorous–and a bit more realistic, but I digress. Instead of lighting the candle in the middle of the room, we’re going to go ahead and walk to the upper area where you’ll find both potion and 47 gil in the left and right corner.


After that, you’ll want to use the match to light the candle in the middle of the room.

At this point someone will ask who’s there, and you’ll get to choose a name for your character, or keep it as Zidane. Your three comrades–Blank, Cinna, and Marcus–will emerge from the room to the right and ask where the boss is. Which, guess what, is exactly when your first premature boss fight comes into play!


  • Steal: Potion, Wrist, and Mage Masher

The fight is simplistic. You’ll want to keep trying to steal from Baku until you get the three stolen loot from him. Poor unfortunate Cinna always dies when I enter this fight. In fact, he dies a lot in every other fight we ever have with him in the group too. What is he, level negative?

Once the fight’s over with, everyone will move into the room on the right for a meeting about kidnapping the princess. Have a bit of fun with this one by choosing the “That’s when I kidnap Queen Brahne, right?” in the selective menu once it’s your turn to talk. I enjoyed that choice the first time I ever played the game, and I still do. Unfortunately you can’t move on until you choose the actual right dialogue piece.

And that’s where this section ends, and we pick back up in Alexandria.


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