The Rylak Egg Grind

As of patch 6.0.3


The Rylak Egg is an ingredient people use for their Cooking profession, and is especially wanted by those who cook the Feast of Blood.

I haven’t been able to farm all locations of the mobs that can drop this reagent, only the creatures in Frostfire Ridge. Also, I’m not the fastest at downing the creatures–I’ve farmed them on my ilvl 590 hunter. If you have a higher ilvl, you’re going to be moving a lot faster in obtaining the items.

All routes have been timed for 30 minutes.

Frostfire Ridge
There are going to be moments where you may kill a Rylak, but when you approach it they vanish because you’ve gotten too close to your garrison. This is where items such as the Loot-A-Rang may come in handy. Since I don’t have that, and I’m a hunter, I use a macro for the Fetch ability, which is a glyph.

#showtooltip Fetch
/use [@mouseover,exists,dead] Fetch
/use [@target,exists,dead] Fetch
/use [@target,exists,dead] Fetch

Head up the path toward Stonefang Outpost and run back and forth along the ridge where you’ll find several Rylak that have a fast respawn rate. Be mindful of the elites, if you can’t burn them down fast then I’d avoid them.

  • 30 Rylak Eggs
  • 70 Sumptuous Fur

If the above location is already being taken care of by another person, it’s still a viable place to farm, just stick to a shorter area where the spawns will continue as long as the Rylaks are continuing to die. If there’s too many people, you can instead farm them at the bottom of the path while they’re sitting on their high perches. You can run back and forth along one bottom side of a mountain, or go back and forth to each mountains. While doing this, you can also kill packs of boar for their fur.

  • 32 Rylak Eggs
  • 130 Sumptuous Fur
  • 7 Raw Boar Meat

I’ve got another route I need to test in this area, but unfortunately for now this is it, as work calls!


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