HM: BTN — Season of Winter



  • Day 2: Kano || Location: The Mayor’s || Loves: Bamboo shoot, wild grape, wild grasses, spa egg, large fish, honey, wine
  • Day 6: Gray || Location: Blacksmith or the Inn || Loves: Ores, bodigizer XL, turbojolt XL, chocolate, ice cream
  • Day 11: Doug || Location: The Inn || Loves: Bamboo shoot, green grass, honey, flour, oil, curry powder, fish, wine
  • Day 13: Ellen || Location: Her house || Loves: Flowers, medicines, large fish, bamboo shoot, flour, spa egg
  • Day 15: Duke || Location: Aja Winery || Loves: Spa egg, bread, wine, large fish
  • Day 19: Won || Location: The Inn || Likes: Fish
  • Day 20: Mary || Location: Library || Loves: Bamboo shoot, mushroom, grasses, medicines || If your birthday is today, Mary’s will be the 25th.
  • Day 26: May || Location: Yodel Farm, Church, Hot Spring || Loves: Lumber, flowers, large fish, fodder, garbage, chocolate
  • Day 29: Jeff || Location: Supermarket || Likes: Bamboo shoot, medicine, tomato, green pepper, pinkcat flower, wild grasses, spa egg, fish, milk


  • Day 10: Dog Race
  • Day 14: Winter Thanksgiving Festival
  • Day 24: Starry Night Festival
  • Day 30: Year End Festival

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