Thorium Ore Mining Routes

As of patch 6.0.2

I jumped on my mining alt and went different places in order to tally up the amount of ore that can be obtained in each zone with the best supply. The information below does not pertain to going into caves or mines in order to gather the ore, unless stated otherwise. Normally I skip those places because unless the ore respawns by the time you’re running out, you’re wasting time not getting ore by figuring out how to get out of the area. Also, I’m going to automatically assume everyone has flying for the zones listed, as most of them aren’t suitable for land mounts alone.

Every ten nuggets grants you an ore, so I’ll simply be stating how much ore I’d gathered.

Each zone was mined in for 30 minutes.

Since there was so much competition in this zone, I’d decided to split my mining into two different routes. One goes along the lower section and the other the upper section. So if there’s too much competition for you, you can choose to go a shorter route, instead of going along the whole zone. Of course, you can also continue along the full route of the map by following both routes at once.

Winterspring - Mining (1)Winterspring - Mining (2)

Lower map:

  • Thorium Ore: 179
  • Truesilver Ore: 12
  • Dense Stone: 224

Upper map:

  • Thorium Ore: 226
  • Truesilver Ore: 19
  • Dense Stone: 278

Un’Goro Crater
Although there can be a lot of competition in this place, it didn’t really matter that much, because the nodes respawned fairly quickly due to people going one way and another. It’s a simple mining route as well–just fly around the border of the map.

Un'Goro - Mining

  • Thorium Ore: 225
  • Truesilver Ore: 3
  • Dense Stone: 301

Oddly enough, there wasn’t much of anyone else mining in these parts, despite there being a lot of nodes to get Thorium from. Because of that, this was the best zone for me in the amount of ore I gained.

Silithus - Mining

  • Thorium Ore: 280
  • Truesilver Ore: 22
  • Dense Stone: 372

Swamp of Sorrows
Not the best place in the world to bulk up on ore. A lot of competition and a limited route to get said ore didn’t guarantee a large number.

Swamp of sorrows - Mining

  • Thorium Ore: 111
  • Truesilver Ore: 14
  • Dense Stone: 146

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