The Malachite Grind

As of patch 6.0.3

Malachite can be acquired by prospecting five Copper Ore (and this will also yield you Tigerseye). As far as where to get Copper Ore, below are the best places I go to mine the stuff–the actual routes can be found on my Copper Ore post.

  • Darkshore
  • Elwynn Forest
  • Durotar
  • Azshara

Selling on the AH
When I sell Malachite on the Auction House, I’ll normally post them in batches of 20, 10, or 5. I use TradeSkillMaster to post the auctions and use the wowuctionmedian for pricing. I never post up more than ten batches of each stack size, so I don’t flood the market. Then again, I don’t often have a ton of these mats to flood.

On my realm, Malachite normally goes for around 70s each, but it can dip to 15s, which I’ll buy up to possibly resell. Be warned though, Copper Ore is easy to get, and thus people can throw Malachite back up on the market easily. For mats like this, I’ll post them for 48 hours.

Crafting as a Jewelcrafter
Malachite Pendants can be made in bulk and sold on the AH for those who need to disenchant items for Strange Dust and/or Greater Magic Essence. It requires less material than the other items you can make. I was able to sell a few of these for 19g.

Inlaid Malachite Ring is another item you could try crafting, which will go for a higher price. It’ll disenchant into the same mats as the pendants. I was able to sell some of these at 23g

Unfortunately I don’t have the other professions that can make items from Malachite, thus I can’t say anything for them, because I don’t have any data I can use.


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