Mithril Ore Mining Routes

As of patch 6.0.2

I jumped on my mining alt and went different places in order to tally up the amount of ore that can be obtained in each zone with the best supply. The information below does not pertain to going into caves or mines in order to gather the ore, unless stated otherwise. Normally I skip those places because unless the ore respawns by the time you’re running out, you’re wasting time not getting ore by figuring out how to get out of the area. Also, I’m going to automatically assume everyone has flying for the zones listed, as most of them aren’t suitable for land mounts alone.

Every ten nuggets grants you an ore, so I’ll simply be stating how much ore I’d gathered.

Each zone was mined in for 30 minutes.

This place had a lot of competition for me. There were spurts of five minutes where I couldn’t find a single node because there were so many farmers grabbing them up. With that having happened, I decided after completing the whole route for thirty minutes, I split the routes into two different areas, to not continue to be behind the competition. There’s a cave with a lot of ore in it, but there were so many people in there, it was pointless to wander in and out of.

Felwood - Mining (1)Felwood - Mining (2)

Entire map:

  • Mithril Ore: 96
  • Truesilver Ore: 2
  • Gold Ore: 15
  • Solid Stone: 140

Lower map:

  • Mithril Ore: 126
  • Truesilver Ore: 2
  • Gold Ore: 3
  • Solid Stone: 189

Thousand Needles
A lot of people don’t like diving underwater and swimming around looking for nodes; I’m one of those people, but I used my sea turtle for faster up and down travel, then used my flying mount to get around fast. There’s hardly any competition here, so I gave myself a short route to improve the amount of ore I got if there were people around.

TN - Mining

  • Mithril Ore: 103
  • Truesilver Ore: 2
  • Gold Ore: 4
  • Solid Stone: 175

Eastern Plaguelands
This is a nice place to mine due to it being a place that offers two different sections of mining. The upper area, which is for Mithril, and the bottom area, which is Iron. You can kind of mix it up a bit by doing a route of the whole place, or stick to one specific route. Oddly enough, I had no (or very little) competition here when getting Mithril.

EP - Mining (1)

  • Mithril Ore: 265
  • Truesilver Ore: 8
  • Gold Ore: 20
  • Solid Stone: 336

I wanted to also say that Badlands and Burning Steppes have a nice amount of Mithril nodes, but there was so much competition there it wasn’t worth timing the thirty minutes. I probably would’ve gotten around 50 ore for each place by the time the timer went off, there were so many people in both places.


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