World of Warcraft Information Database

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG on the PC.

I started playing WoW around the start of Wrath of the Lich King–maybe a little before that? I’m not exactly sure. Thinking back, I know hunters still had to buy arrows, and they switched from bow to melee weapon in close combat.

I’m not super focused with this game, meaning I don’t know all the ins and outs that a lot of people like information on. I play casually and tip-toe around the idea of raiding. I get enough headaches as it is. But what I do like to do is provide the smaller pieces of information–like the concept of leveling through the different classes, and making gold throughout the world of Azeroth.

Below are some links you can click on–most of them are work in progress. After clicking on a link, you can look at the right sidebar and choose where else you want to go.


  • N/A


  • Death Knight
  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Instances by level:

  • 1-20
  • 21-40
  • 41-60
  • 58-70
  • 68-80
  • 80-85
  • 85-90
  • 90-100



  • Draenor
  • Eastern Kingdoms
  • Kalimdor
  • The Maelstrom
  • Outland
  • Northrend
  • Pandaria


  • Random


WoW sub expired & new goldmaking gameplay

Whelp, my WoW subscription expired and while I do have enough gold to make for a couple months of gameplay, I’m just not into it at the moment. And yeah. I know I’m still in the process of making those gold guides. I just need to be in the mood at least, right?

I jumped back into TERA after not having played it for a while. Me and another have been leveling a couple characters. While they’re off at work, or doing some streaming of their own games they like, I though it would be interesting to make some goldmaking guides of this game.

Just like in WoW, it will all be reliant on your realm, of course. But I’ll be using my own realm to gather data. Also, these guides won’t focus on you being level-capped either.

I know how annoying that can get to the lowbies out there.

How Emma came to be

Emma is the first novel in a series I’m writing.

Emma is a story that has changed vastly over the years that I’ve been both writing and contemplating how to write it. I remember when I first started writing this story, it started off in a place called Cabasha’s Stronghold. Cabasha was an angry, forceful man who had something of an “apprentice”, as well as a bunch of different creatures in cages in a secret part of the building. One of those creatures happened to be a werewolf. The werewolf bit the apprentice after Cabasha shoved her against the cage.

Now, this all created one character that actually isn’t in the novel Emma, but I think I might make her appear in the second novel.

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Dear Diary #7 – World of Warcraft — Huge pulls and fewer heals

This is a post from a Restoration Druid’s viewpoint from World of Warcraft.

First off, I created the resto/bal druid in order to a) easily gear up through dungeons and b) easily nuke through (lower level) mobs, in order to create farming and goldmaking guides. I’d made a hunter at first for it, but when you have to wait for your character to fire an arrow, it’s time wasted.

Since I created a Worgen, I wasn’t really able to do much except quest in the starting area of Gilneas. I’d forgotten I couldn’t even queue up for battlegrounds until you’re out of there, so I decided to just skip the BGs altogether and focus on simply questing to hit level 15.

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My thoughts on Wattpad

Take everything said with a grain of salt.

I haven’t yet dipped my toes back into the writing pool, but while my writing is on the backburner, I’m more into critiquing at the moment. Which means I’m starting to read books a bit more and overanalyze them, as well as go to different writing sites where people either share their own works to be critiqued/reviewed, or sites like Goodreads to just throw down a review on a book I’d recently read.

Either way, I’ve been meandering around Wattpad quite a bit.

I follow them on my Twitter, and I see a lot of things with people loving the community and the remarks (for lack of a better word) they get on their work. Well okay. Sounds good. But remarks aren’t critiques, and that’s something to keep in mind.

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Dear Diary #6 – A Final Goodbye?

I find it difficult to believe that the dream I had was in some way my brain telling me to just end my thoughts on him. That nothing will ever happen again between us; it’s over, just move on.

I mean, I’m not pining over him. I still think about him yeah, but it’s not obsession. I think back to the fun times when he visited it and I’ll end up laughing to myself and then I’ll move on to other things that need my immediate attention. Or things that don’t need my attention, because I’m ADD like that.

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Biography of Rick Balder

Rick Balder is a fictional character in a novel series I’m writing.

Nurtured by one, abused by another, Rick grew up torn, thinking women were the weakest link and men were above them. Except he thought his mother to be strong for not showing fear when he’d flinch at the sound of his father’s heavy footfalls.

Daniel Balder, Rick’s father, was an abusive alcoholic and a smoker. If he didn’t have one on hand, he’d have another, thus creating a trigger for Rick to go into a panicked state whenever he hears a can being crushed or popped open, or if he smells smoke or hears the flick of a lighter. When nervous, he has the habit of running his hands along his arms, where slight scarring is from his father burning him with cigarette butts.

While young, Rick had been growing his hair out to have a shaggy look, but when he’d accidentally been caught holding one of Daniel’s alcoholic beverages, moving it aside to reach some cereal, he’d found what it felt like to have some of his hair ripped from his scalp. At that point, he’d kept his hair cut short, until finally shaving it completely.

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HM: BTN — Season of Spring


  • Supermarket
    • Turnip
      • Cost: 120g
      • Unit Price: 60g
      • Growth: 5 days
    • Potato
      • Cost: 150g
      • Unit Price: 80g
      • Growth: 8 days
    • Cucumber
      • Cost: 200g
      • Unit Price: 60g
      • Growth: 10 days
      • Regrowth: 5 days
    • Strawberry
      • Requirement: Shipped 100 of Turnips, Potatoes, Cucumbers, and Cabbages
      • Cost: 150g
      • Unit Price: 30g
      • Growth: 9 days
      • Regrowth: 2 days
    • Grass
      • Cost: 500g
      • Growth: 11 days
      • Regrowth: 7 days
  • Won’s Shop
    • Cabbage
      • Cost: 500g
      • Unit Price: 250g
      • Growth: 15 days
    • Toy Flower
      • Cost: 300g
      • Growth: 12 days
    • Moondrop Flowers
      • Cost: 300g
      • Growth: 6 days
  • Wildlife
    • Bamboo Shoot
      • Amount: 3
      • Unit Price: 50g
    • Blue Grass
      • Amount: 2
      • Unit Price: 100g

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Caitlin Kittredge – Night Life – Book Review

Rating: 2/5

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Quote: My keys slid to the ground and I groped desperately, knowing that if I looked behind me I would see something that should never have eyes laid on it, something so terrible that it charred the very air, because I could smell it and it was coming–

First Line: I smelled the girl’s blood and saw her body in a pool of neon light.

** spoiler alert **

A part of me wanted to give this book a one-star rating, but I think I’ll save those for books that need a lot of revision, due to all kinds of typos. (Oh trust me, I’ve seen quite a few of those books on Nook and Kindle in the freebie section–they aren’t freebies for nothing!)

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Bugged Lighthouse [prints]

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Recently I had the urge to draw a lighthouse. Instead of the usual lighthouse surrounded by rocks and water and clouds, I wanted to make something that would fit in with the light. And I’m also trying to fill in the pages of my 5.5 x 8.5 drawing pad, so it had to be somewhat smaller, able to fit in to that sized paper.

What better than a lightning bug?

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