What’s New?

What’s new?


  1. Nothing much was done the last couple of days guys, sorry! Yesterday was my birthday and today was my mother’s birthday, so those are my reasons, ha!
  2. I streamed my writing and was able to hit close to 1.4k words in a stand-alone novel of mine. Time to get this sucker into gear.


Gaming Database

  1. The In-Depth Goldmaking Guide for Azshara’s Veil and Stormvine is complete.
    Please remember, this is for PATREON SUPPORTERS only.
  2. I’ve been working a ton on getting all the Eastern Kingdoms sections for Herbalism farming down, and I’m happy to say they are now being posted! It’ll take a while to get all the Kalimdor routes. After that, we’ll move on to the other locations.


Gaming Database

I’ve been working a lot on the In-Depth Goldmaking Guide for both the herbs Azshara’s Veil and Stormvine. 1400 of both of these herbs have gone into the guild bank, including 1400 Volatile Life that can also get farmed up with these herbs. This guide features a piece of my artwork for sale, information on where to farm said mats, how I go about posting them on the auction house, and how much gold I’ve obtained from them (thus far).

Please note that this guide will be for PATREON SUPPORTERS only.

A teaser for the video can be found HERE.

Interested in joining my casual goldmaking guild for updates on these guides and to partake in guild events?
Add me on BattleTag: KRHolbrook#1132