Biography of Rick Balder

Rick Balder is a fictional character in a novel series I’m writing.

Nurtured by one, abused by another, Rick grew up torn, thinking women were the weakest link and men were above them. Except he thought his mother to be strong for not showing fear when he’d flinch at the sound of his father’s heavy footfalls.

Daniel Balder, Rick’s father, was an abusive alcoholic and a smoker. If he didn’t have one on hand, he’d have another, thus creating a trigger for Rick to go into a panicked state whenever he hears a can being crushed or popped open, or if he smells smoke or hears the flick of a lighter. When nervous, he has the habit of running his hands along his arms, where slight scarring is from his father burning him with cigarette butts.

While young, Rick had been growing his hair out to have a shaggy look, but when he’d accidentally been caught holding one of Daniel’s alcoholic beverages, moving it aside to reach some cereal, he’d found what it felt like to have some of his hair ripped from his scalp. At that point, he’d kept his hair cut short, until finally shaving it completely.

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HM: BTN — Season of Spring


  • Supermarket
    • Turnip
      • Cost: 120g
      • Unit Price: 60g
      • Growth: 5 days
    • Potato
      • Cost: 150g
      • Unit Price: 80g
      • Growth: 8 days
    • Cucumber
      • Cost: 200g
      • Unit Price: 60g
      • Growth: 10 days
      • Regrowth: 5 days
    • Strawberry
      • Requirement: Shipped 100 of Turnips, Potatoes, Cucumbers, and Cabbages
      • Cost: 150g
      • Unit Price: 30g
      • Growth: 9 days
      • Regrowth: 2 days
    • Grass
      • Cost: 500g
      • Growth: 11 days
      • Regrowth: 7 days
  • Won’s Shop
    • Cabbage
      • Cost: 500g
      • Unit Price: 250g
      • Growth: 15 days
    • Toy Flower
      • Cost: 300g
      • Growth: 12 days
    • Moondrop Flowers
      • Cost: 300g
      • Growth: 6 days
  • Wildlife
    • Bamboo Shoot
      • Amount: 3
      • Unit Price: 50g
    • Blue Grass
      • Amount: 2
      • Unit Price: 100g

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Caitlin Kittredge – Night Life – Book Review

Rating: 2/5

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Quote: My keys slid to the ground and I groped desperately, knowing that if I looked behind me I would see something that should never have eyes laid on it, something so terrible that it charred the very air, because I could smell it and it was coming–

First Line: I smelled the girl’s blood and saw her body in a pool of neon light.

** spoiler alert **

A part of me wanted to give this book a one-star rating, but I think I’ll save those for books that need a lot of revision, due to all kinds of typos. (Oh trust me, I’ve seen quite a few of those books on Nook and Kindle in the freebie section–they aren’t freebies for nothing!)

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Bugged Lighthouse [prints]

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Recently I had the urge to draw a lighthouse. Instead of the usual lighthouse surrounded by rocks and water and clouds, I wanted to make something that would fit in with the light. And I’m also trying to fill in the pages of my 5.5 x 8.5 drawing pad, so it had to be somewhat smaller, able to fit in to that sized paper.

What better than a lightning bug?

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Dear Diary #5 – Truth and Lies

I see your lying eyes and raise you a derisive tongue.

You know, there’s a reason I like the friends that I have: They tell the truth. They don’t beat around the bush when telling me something. They don’t think about what they’re going to say to me. They’re up front. Blunt.

Just like me.

I hate people who try to sugarcoat something. If you want to say something, say it. If you’re going to lie, be smart about it. And if you can’t be smart about it, don’t lie in the first place. It’s more than likely that lie is going to be found out eventually anyway, and you’ll end up looking like an ass.

A funny story in regards to that:

When I was working at SuperPetz, I was putting mice away in a container for a customer. There was a lady and her child nearby, and the little girl said something along the lines of, “Aw, is that going to be his pet?” Me never being one to skirt around the truth, and liking demented things, I said, “It’s snake food.” When I glanced up, the woman had wide eyes and was shaking her head at me. The little girl started to freak out, asking her mom if it was really going to get eaten, and her mom was telling her no, no, that’s not right, it’s not going to be food, it’s okay. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

How’s a mom gonna lie to her kid like that when the kid’s going to figure it out eventually anyway. “Wow, mom, thanks for lying to me that day!”

From that day forward, my coworkers would laugh and always bring up how evil I was, telling the girl the mouse was going to be food and having her freak.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. At least I didn’t lie!


LoM Routing Theories (The Seven Wisdoms)

There are a lot of different ways one can lay the map and artifact locations in Legend of Mana, but sometimes you’ll want to place one artifact close to another to get a certain event, otherwise an event just won’t trigger. The below is basically going off the top of my head on where the NPCs you need to show and what may be a viable route to get all of them without wandering all over the place.

  • Purple are artifacts
  • Green are NPCs
  • Bold are place names (normally)
  • Blue is event name
  • Red are questions I need answers to, or just me talking

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LoM Theorycrafting — Part One — (100% event speedrun focus)

Welcome to part one of a Legend of Mana theory-crafting babble-fest.

Well, I won’t lie. I don’t know how this is going to go, since there are so many events and so many ways to route through everything in order to finish the game as a whole 100% events completion. I’ve got my own route I take, and SilentSigil has his own route to take, and SirVG has his own route he took, so…

This might become a clusterfuck of information.

But hopefully it will make sense.

  • Purple are artifacts
  • Green are NPCs
  • Bold are place names (normally)
  • Blue is event name
  • Orange is items
  • Red are questions I need answers to, or just me talking

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Dear Diary #4 – A penny for your thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything that’s been on my mind–and trust me, a lot of things have been on my mind. Before my thoughts bloat my brain, I figure I should do some writing and get it out of my head and into yours.

Recently a friend had told me how someone was having money problems, and how another person had offered them over a hundred dollars and they took it. My friend stated that it was wrong of her to just take the money like that, and I looked at him like he was crazy.

It’s weird how two people have to very different point of views on a subject.

Apparently my friend doesn’t believe it’s right for someone to take money from another person, even if they’re offering. Now, if someone offered me money, hell yeah I’m going to take it. No, I’m not stingy. But someone is offering their money for a reason. To help you out. They’re being kind. You can surely pay them back at a later point, right? That’s how I see things, at least. I mean, I did a fundraiser for once to get one of my own friends extra cash and gave it to her in an envelope while we were at Olive Garden. She ended up paying, despite my glaring objections.

I tried giving my friend a gift card once before that we got from work, since I don’t often go there to buy things. He was always talking about how much money he has to spend anyway, so I figured why not.

He declined.

I pushed.

He shoved.

Eventually he won and I awkwardly put the gift card away.

To me, it’s…I don’t want to say rude, but rather a let-down? Like you’re rejecting our kindness and it actually hurts. I felt a little stupid, a little disappointed, and, well, shunned, maybe? And this is actually one of the reasons I try not to show the nice side of me. I tend to be shut down more often than not.

I’m curious what other people think on the subject.

Legend of Mana 100% speedrun documentation & notes

!! The spreadsheet is far from complete !!

Legend of Mana is the only game that I speedrun at the moment, and since I don’t really like to do any% speedruns (doing those makes me feel like I’m not at my full gaming potential), I’ve been working on compiling notes for 100% with some friends.

  • Currently, my PB is 8:03 –found on my Twitch channel. I play on emulator.
    • I forgot to put the timer up on the recording LOL, but I show it at the end!
  • The WR holder is SirVG with a time of 9:59

For this LoM spreadsheet, a huge shout-out goes to SilentSigil for doing most of everything that’s written in the tabs of the document. The one I’m working on, of course, is labeled TheWoWExp’s 100% run. In that part of the document, I’m taking notes on the directions I take in certain areas, the amount of enemies I encounter and if there’s anything special with them, as well as boss fights.

That’s just a tiny part in a huge spreadsheet.

SilentSigil has worked on numerous parts of the documentation, from the rules to problematic triggers, to routes and tests.

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Liligue City

||  Levels:  ||  Ryudo: 18  ||  Elena: 17  ||  Roan: 17
||  Save Points:  ||  [1] Liligue Inn
                                                                              Liligue General Store
||  Weapons:
||  Army Saber [750G]  ||  Samurai Blade [900G]  ||  Iron Rod [720G]  ||  Flame Staff [1250G]
||  Battle Rod [960G]  ||  Multiple Knife [650G]  ||  Hunter’s Knife [880G]
||  Armor:
||  Quilted Silk [800G]  ||  Guardian Robe [1200G]  ||  Chain Mail [950G]  ||  Plate Mail [1400G]
||  Guardian Hat [450G]  ||  Iron Bandana [480G]  ||  Iron Helm [600G]  ||  Hunter’s Boots [400G]
||  Jewelry:
||  Gauntlet [800G]  ||  Fire Charm [400G]  ||  Wind Charm [400G]  ||  Earth Charm [400G]
||  Lightning Charm [400G]  ||  Blizzard Charm [400G]
||  Items:
||  Medicinal Herb [10G]  ||  Wound Salve [24G]  ||  Healing Herb [50G]  ||  Poison Antidote [14G]
||  Paralysis Salve [14G]  ||  Eye Drops [14G]  ||  Smelling Salts [20G]  ||  Yomi’s Elixir [500G]
||  Regional:
||  Hand Grenade [60G]  ||  Insecticide Bomb [60G]  ||  Fireball Scroll [50G]  ||  Whirlwind Scroll [60G]
||  Patience Nut [20G]  ||  Swiftness Nut [20G]  ||  Kuko Berry [10G]

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