Welcome to TheWoWExp

Currently working on a Grandia 2, bare-bones walkthrough

Well hullo there.

My name’s Kristen, though I’ll often go by K, Kay, or 83. “83” being a nickname someone dubbed me at my job because that was how much I weighed at the time. (I lost a couple pounds since then.)

TheWoWExp has been flirting with the web and my mind ever since 2011. I came up with the name because I’ve received the comments of “wow” when some people glimpse my artwork, or my writing, or sometimes even my gameplay. The “exp” comes from me wanting to experience art and gaming, and I enjoy making other people experience my style of the two, writing going into the art category.

That being said, this site actually focuses on four different categories.

  • Art (Black, White, Color)
  • Writing (Pencil to Pen)
  • Reading (Unleashed Reviews)
  • Gaming (TheWoWExp)

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